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Afzal robBAni


Afzal was born on set – kind of. His Dad recorded his birth on a handheld camera, which might explain why these days, he gets doe-eyed whenever someone starts talking about rigs or steady cams. He’s masterminded shoots for brands like Jaguar, Adidas, Rayban and Rimmel London – and he’s hit the mark every time too. Knowledgeable, creative, and frankly a bit bossy, Afzal’s an expert in making things happen.

Nathan Marsden


Great ideas keep you up at night, and Nathan's got bags under his eyes. Draw your own conclusions. He's created successful campaigns for some of your favourite brands – including Mercedes-Benz, Epson and Trevor Sorbie – and he’s loved every minute. Nathan's at his best when he’s creating emotional connections between brands and their audiences. Which is just a business-speak way of saying that he’s really flipping good at advertising.

James garland

client services

James started his career working on the Coca-Cola account at Ogilvy New Zealand – which is a bit like running the 100m Olympic final in your first ever race. And winning it. He’s applied this bravery to the rest of his career so far too – helping brands like Bacardi and Telstra beat their marketing targets with his knowledge of best practice, willingness to challenge people, and ability to provide heat-seeking strategic direction.

Alex Clayton


You haven’t met Alex yet, but you've probably bought something off him. He designs digital strategies that blow marketing targets away – so while we could help you sell ice to an Eskimo, Alex would probably find a way to reach the desert-based market instead. He recently helped EE lock down their online audiences with a campaign so naturally personalised, it was like a postcard from your own mum.


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