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The first sign of brand fanaticism

Nathan Marsden, our Creative Director, explores a common problem for senior marketers and business owners.

You’re probably taking your brand too seriously. Which is rich coming from me – the 30 year old who wrote a list of fines for his FIFA Pro Clubs teammates.

If you’re a business owner or marketer who worked your butt off to get where you are, it’s understandable.

Your brand means a lot to you – and it should.

But there’s a person-sized problem with that: fanatics don’t like to joke about their favourite subject. Instead they like to drone on – ahem, I mean – talk about it in detail.

Meanwhile, audiences are swayed by emotion. So what seems like brain-exploding information to you might seem irrelevant to them.

Here’s how you fix the problem: find the most important benefit, then dramatise it. Make it funny. Or sad. Or thought-provoking. Or wholesome. Or cynical. Or goat-related (it depends on your audience really).

Focus on creating a connection. Save the detail for later. Your customers will repay you for it.

To find out more about playing for Nathan’s Pro Clubs team – or dramatising brand benefits – get in touch with Friendship today.

Nathan Marsden, Creative Director

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