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Konstantin is a big deal. He shoots some of the world’s most-watched YouTube content - and helps KSI and the Sidemen (Google them, oldies) to keep their views in the millions.

In the process, he’s also snagged a million YouTube followers of his own - so he knows creative talent when he sees it. Which is presumably why he asked Friendship to help create his latest branded film.

Konnect is the satellite WiFi brand that helps rural users enjoy a city-standard internet connection, wherever they are. That way, they can transform themselves from Non Kon, into King Kon. Hit play to see what we’re talking about.


It’s 5.30, you’ve just finished your 474th Zoom meeting of the day, and you can’t wait to shut your laptop, kick back, and… stare at the slightly larger screen on the other side of the room.


But not this time. This time you’re going to put those legs of yours to good use. And with an extra hour of sun on your back, you’ll probably run further and faster than ever.


That’s the message Sports Direct wanted to send – and Friendship were happy to help. Working alongside SD’s in-house production team, we helped inspire young people to start Running in a New Light with this cross-platform campaign.